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We are Klarna and we help boost website conversion rates.

The customer can buy using only their email address and zip code. The customer confirms the purchase before choosing how they want to pay. Two simple features that do pure magic for your conversion, especially on mobile, and from April this will be available in the US. For returning shoppers it gets even better, a "buy now" click is all it takes. To see how simple it is, have a look at the video below. Klarna Checkout also integrates popular payment methods in a super simple solution.

Here's how simple it is:

Just enter email address and ZIP code
The rest of the information is filled in automatically...
…then simply click “Buy Now” and your purchase is complete.
Done! Your goods are being shipped and you have 14 days to pay.
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“Klarna Checkout has shown a 27% higher conversion in the last step compared to our current checkout. It is a clear confirmation of the potential of Klarna Checkout and we look forward to using Klarna Checkout for all our customers.”

Johan Sävenstrand, IT Manager,

Selected merchants and partners

Designed for conversion
Optimized for mobile
No unnecessary registration

Klarna Checkout is designed to help boost your conversion rate across all devices. We're certain that you’ll see the biggest improvement on smartphones and tablets. Now, shopping is as simple on a mobile device as it is from a laptop.

No risk. No worries.

We verify customer eligibility - this ensures that Klarna can assume the entire risk for fraud and credit loss for you. This means in most cases, you get paid up front, irrespective of the payment method.

Easy to start. Even easier to run.

Klarna Checkout is easy to integrate and get started. Once you're up and running you reap the benefits from having one supplier for all payment methods. So, instead of taking care of administration you can focus on growing your business.

  • One supplier
  • One integration
  • One agreement
  • One payout
  • One settlement
  • One customer support

Do you have any questions about Klarna Checkout?

How have merchants in Europe benefitted from using Klarna Checkout?

Enormously. We’ve seen remarkable increases in conversion rates on smartphones, tablets and desktops in all our markets. For some testimonials view our page here. (

Does Klarna Checkout only work on smartphones?

No, Klarna Checkout is optimized for smartphones, tablets and laptops. On smartphones, Klarna Checkout redefines the checkout out process meaning mobile conversion for smartphones is on par with desktop conversion.

What payment methods are included in Klarna Checkout?

Klarna Checkout gathers all the popular payment methods, plus Klarna's own, in one simple solution, including allowing customers to pay after delivery.

Can all stores integrate Klarna Checkout?

In most cases, Yes! If you have developed your own store, we have a well-documented API for you. If you run an open source store system, or use an e-shop partner, we’ll help you integrate Klarna Checkout. Chances are that there's a ready-to-deploy module for your system.

Does Klarna Checkout look the same in all stores?

Yes. Klarna Checkout will always have a similar look, but some elements can be defined to fit in with the store, but we include the same features in all stores. This creates recognition and security – two factors which we know increase conversion.

Hello. We’re Klarna.
We’re simplifying buying.

Ever since we started in 2005, Klarna has been focused on removing friction and hassle from online buying. In 2014 we merged with SOFORT, creating Klarna Group. We now have more than 1,200 employees working for the same goal: To become the world’s favorite way to buy. Klarna is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe and we have a 10% market share of e-commerce in Northern Europe.

The Klarna Group in numbers


Total transactions.

An average of two transactions every second.

18 countries.

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States.

35,000,000 consumers.

To date, 35 million consumers have shopped using Klarna Group payment methods.

50,000 merchants.

We’re present in a vast number of e-stores, from small independent businesses to giant retailers such as ASOS, Marks & Spencer and Hitmeister.

250,000 transactions a day.

More than two purchases are made with Klarna Group every second. Twenty-four-seven, three-six-five.